Thursday, October 20, 2011

CANON PIXMA Exclusive Product Launch

Canon continues to delight us with new Pixma photo printers that does more than just printing!

Before anything else, here's what I wore: Leather jacket, Thrifted • Top with scallop edges, WAGW
Tribal printed mullet skirt, Forever 21 • Pink pumps, Primadonna • Necklace, New Moon

Last October 18, Canon, a world leader in digital imaging, held an exclusive product launch at SM North Edsa City Style Annex - Cyberzone activity area. Canon Philippines launched their new range of Pixma photo printers and inline with this is a photo exhibit of the Brand Ambassadors, Mr. Jo Avila, Mr. Jun Miranda and Mr. Per-Andre Hoffman.
At the entrance of the venue is a photo wall of all submitted entries for "the Best Thing you've ever printed".
The band serenaded the audience as they wait for the start of the program.
Las Paellas Cafe catered the food at the launch. Snack buffet were served first before the start of the program.

The photo exhibit is composed of the photography works of Mr. Jo Avila, Mr. Jun Miranda and Mr. Per-Andre Hoffman. Their photos in the exhibit are the best thing they've ever printed using the new Pixma photo printers.
Mr. Jo Avila's photos are about his family.
Mr. Jun Miranda's photos are about his Cambodia tour.
Mr. Per-Andre Hoffman's photos are about his world adventures.   
Another part of the exhibit is the display of their latest Canon Pixma photo printers. Canon released a new range of Pixma photo printers, which includes the MG5370, E500, iP4970, MG8270 and MP287. These printers are not just any other printers in the market. What makes these printers special is that they are designed to suit all kinds of users, share an emphasis on pleasant aesthetic design, user-friendly operation, creative features and Canon's renowned image quality.
The MG5370 which costs Php8,495 is a mid-range All-In-One photo printer, with Wi-Fi built-in. This not only allows it to connect wirelessly to a computer network and be shared among multiple computers, but it can also conveniently print photos directly from iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It guarantees excellent photo prints with its five individual ink tanks. Along with this, it also has direct photo print functions like direct card printing and Pictbridge. PIXMA Cloud Link is a new service that will be made available to MG5370. PIXMA Cloud Link allows printers to connect directly to online photo albums to view and print photos, without the aid of a PC. Not only can users print their favorite photos this way, useful document templates are also made available using the PIXMA Cloud Link service.  
The PIXMA E500 which costs Php4,495 is designed with easy operation in mind and Canon's new Ink Efficient features allow it to print an impressive 1,200 pages per set of ink cartridges, reducing the amount of times a user has to replace the cartridge while also reducing operational costs. Other functions like FastFront and Auto Photo Fix II support this design concept of user-friendly operation. 
The PIXMA iP4970 which costs Php6,495 is an affordable dedicated photo printer, using FINE, Hybrid and ChromaLife100+ technologies to print colorful and long-lasting photographs. The packaged software suite grants users access to programs like Full HD Movie Print and Easy PhotoPrint EX to streamline the creative work flow, making it easier than ever to tinker with photographs and print visually unique images. 
The sophisticated features of the new printers are made more accessible with the Intelligent Touch System. Available on the MG8270 which costs Php19,295, it makes use of a LCD panel and a special touch-sensitive area to navigate through the various functions. What makes it more intelligent and appealing is the fact that only the relevant touch keys are lit at each menu, so that users are never overloaded with unnecessary options. The PIXMA MG8270 is the ideal photo all in one as it has six individual ink cartridges with gray ink for excellent and detailed monochrome prints. It also comes with film scanning capabilities for the traditionalists who still prefer to use film or those who would like to digitize their film. PIXMA Cloud Link is a new service that will be made available to the MG8270 . PIXMA Cloud Link allows printers to connect directly to online photo albums to view and print photos, without the aid of a PC. Not only can users print their favorite photos this way, useful document templates are also made available using the PIXMA Cloud Link service.  
The MP287 which costs Php3,495 makes an excellent personal printer/scanner for the home: it is compact and stylish, ready to operate mere seconds from start-up, with a hassle-free self-opening paper output tray when printing and copying.

The program at the launch of Canon PIXMA photo printers.
The program was hosted by Tanya.
A welcome message from the Canon Marketing President, Mr. Allan Chang.
A video presentation was shown to launch the five new ranges of Pixma photo printers. The new range of printers let's you print with improved character legibility which means that it has both quality and speed and with its ChromaLife 100+ feature, it  enhances color production that results to richer, vibrant and longer lasting photos with over 300 years album life. Other amazing features let's you enjoy to clip, arrange and print web page contents, Catch the motion with full HD movie print and Fun filter effects. Canon pixma printers also provides wireless printing of photos and scan documents directly from smartphone or tablet pc

Canon pixma doesn’t just take care of high quality printing, it is also concerned with the environment. The ECO Mode made auto-duplex printing and auto power-off settings easy and more green-friendly.

With Canon’s Ink efficient E500 it produces the highest yield at lowest cost per print against Brand H and E. You can print up to 1200 pages per cartidge set without sacrificing quality.

Now technology wise, Canon Pixma has really gone a long long way!

The host interviewed two exhibitors from Canon to demonstrate and show the audience the power of the new Pixma photo printers

Ms. Jill Santiago, Marketing Manager of Canon Philippines presented the performance of the new range of Pixma photo printers both on the field and the market. She discussed the progress and growth of Canon Pixma from 2005-2012 which reached up 214% growth rate. Moreover, she emphasized more about the FINE Technology of Canon Pixma printer that gives both high quality and speed, ChromaLife 100+, Mobile printing (Wi-Fi) and All-In-One performance with Ink effecient printing.

On her presentation Ms. Jill also shared the etymology of the word "Pixma".
Part of her presentation is the Rudy project promo. Canon PIXMA is giving away fashionable Rudy Project Sprint Sets which include sports watch and arm band through its Print, Imprint, Sprint, promotion that will run from October to December this year. Starting October 15, for every purchase of a Canon PIXMA printer plus a corresponding ink or 4 Canon Genuine inks or a Canon PIXMA E500, one can get a free Rudy Project Sprint set worth PhP4,300. Promo ends on December 31.
The marketing campaigns of Canon Pixma.
Watch out for the TV Ad of Canon Pixma on October 24, 2011!
Catch Canon Pixma roadshows on SM Malls nationwide!
What an exciting treat for the bloggers!

At the last part of the program the Brand Ambassadors showed to the audience the best photo that they have printed using the new Pixma photo printers.
Mr. Per-Andre Hoffmann's best printed photo was a Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil. He shared that he rode on a helicopter just to capture this breathe-taking photo. He chose Pixma on printing his photos because of the quality.
Mr. Jo Avila's best printed photo was a photo of his father together with his children. He shared that this is the most touching moment he captured. He chose Pixma on printing his photos because of its low printing cost. 
Mr. Jun Miranda's best photo was a temple place in Cambodia. He chose Pixma in printing his photos because its performance.

The exciting part of program are the prizes in store. There were games and minor and major raffle draws wherein members of the press and audience were able to participate and win ODM watches, Timex watches and Canon Pixma printers.

Faces of Canon Philippines.


The giveaway bag from Canon. The ODM watch is the prize I won together with Krissy and Nicole from the Trivia game that we've participated.

For more information, log on to Canon Philippines


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