Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Newest school for Fashion and Design

Asia-Pacific's Largest International Design College is now in Manila! Raffles Design Institute (RDI) is an institute known for its ability to train young minds into creative geniuses.

Raffles Design Institute, Manila is the 39th campus of Raffles Education Corporation Ltd., an undisputed leader for design education in the Asia-Pacific region that currently operates 38 colleges in 34 cities across 14 countries.

Raffles Design Institute, Manila is an International college offering professional design education for the following disciplines: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Visual Communication (Graphic Design) and Interior Design. The programmes follow modern, international curriculums of the highest standard designed to nurture creative professionals and entrepreneurs. They have a 2 + 1 scheme which means all four programs are two-year, full-time courses with an optional one-year, full-time top-up Bachelor of Design programs in their Singapore or Australia campuses. In short, you are given an option to transfer to a different branch after gaining a 2-year diploma. Internationally-trained lecturers, Dr. Janet Emmanuel on Fashion Design, Nela San Jose on Fashion Marketing & Management, Lee Miles on Interior Design and Buz Walker-Teach on visual communication, were drawn all over the world to bring the best in profesional practice to Raffles programmes.

From brilliant pool of lecturers, to great facilities, to outstanding programmes. RDMI really does design your future!

For more information, visit Raffles Design Institute website.
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  1. wow, this makes me regret not choosing design school over boring-commerce. hahahaa, i can't believe this is in manila now !


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