Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BLANC by Gold Dot

Just recently, Gold Dot created a new line of yet another most coveted shoe called BLANC. It's a more basic and price-friendly line for girls who love flats. Basically, the styles are much more simpler that would cater to a bigger market among women. Since flats are indeed essential in every woman's wardrobe.

For the first release of this line, shoe designer Karl Leuterio was inspired to create 3 flats- The Emi, The Esme and Eriko. Being a guy, Karl wanted to incorporate a touch of androgynous, metallic, and sportswear to the shoes hence the padded ankle straps and cut out elements of the shoes. 

The Esme is a 2 way flats which can be both be worn in any way. It has metallic snaps at the back portion. You can snap it or not depending on the mood or outfit. The Emi, on the other hand, were inspired by space age, future and sportwear hence the glass foil metallic palette. The last one is Eriko, is simple cut out loafer. It's extremely chic. A downplayer in any outfit however, the simple details are what sets it apart. It has a metallic feature too. All 3 designs have gum soles and has a cushion to provide comfort.

Take part on an experience of the new BLANC shoes. 
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This is a sponsored post by Gold Dot. 


  1. So cute and unique! You gotta love Gold Dot!


  2. thanks for this post, I'm looking for more items to sell on the growing Philippines' premiere online shopping site, would you know where I can source them out? thanks!

  3. wow those are some cool looking shoes. thanks for info

  4. OMG those ballet flats are sooo cute! girly but edgy you know? what a twist!!

  5. such simple and unique shoes! love it xx.

  6. These are cute shoes! They all look beautiful!:)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  7. Unique shoes!! Great post :)


  8. Mmm. Not my thing. Forever a heels girl! :) Unless I start dating a midget like me again :p

  9. ohh.. not my cup of tea but it looks interesting! :D anyway, please do check out my latest post, I have something for you :)

  10. Welp, there goes my paycheck this week.


  11. I want some of these shoes!!
    Great blog

  12. OMG I <3 this kind of shoes! Thanks for sharing, I've been looking for diff. designs everywhere lol