Thursday, April 19, 2012

Empresario Summer 2012 trunkshow

Empresario is a marketing event geared towards entrepreneurs of small to medium businesses. Modeled around a trunkshow, Empresario has been redefined and conceptualized to create opportunities for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs in the field of fashion, art and design as they make profitable careers out of their skills and passion. Empresario’s objective is to provide SMEs a venue to launch and showcase their business in a way that only large industry player’s get to do so. Empresario hosts two major events in the year – A summer trunkshow and a holiday trunkshow. Versus bazaars and expos, Empresario built its model to provide all participating businesses a full marketing package that provides them full exposure pre and post-event through various mediums. Each event is designed to only host a handful of entrepreneurs to ensure that the business involved get the necessary attention and exposure required to increase their sales and grow their business. 

Last April 12, Empresario, the most unique trunk show in the country, held its first summer fashion event at the Skye Lounge, where they launched up and coming brands- Solstice, iheartmatilda, Tembre, Ienne and La playa.

Solstice Tropic Swimwear
Solstice Tropic wear brings a collection of stylish and versatile swimwear and accessories. Women today are bolder, especially in expressing their styles, thus, this is what inspired the brand- to create statement pieces that women can wear when they're on a summer island getaway. More than being fashionable, Solstice Tropic wear wants to consider "practicality", on this light, "Reversatile"- Saule bikini was created. Although the design of the swimwear has existed in the market for a while, they wanted to put the spotlight on this product because they see it as a “must-have piece” when going to the beach. By tweaking and adding details on the design, they're confident that the market will love Saule, rest is assured that you can never go wrong with a piece that can be transformed into twenty ways or more. They also have a 3-way, one shoulder swimwear that will make the ladies look dashing on the shores as well. 
For more info: Solstice on Multiply // Solstice on Facebook

Living up to her name, Matilda, whose lovely name of German origin means strength in battle, personifies grace under pressure and fearless personal style. Matilda's look is crisp and distinct, but not repetitive. Matilda is bold in her choices, but never outrageous. She is sweet, but never boring. Matilda favors clothes that are injected with quirk and humor, with reference to the past. She mixes and matches. Matilda loves fashion, but she knows that fashion is supposed to be fun and not taken too seriously.

Last November 2011, TIMBRE was launched to become the first and only Filipino brand headphones in the world. Highly influenced by art and music, TIMBRE (pronounced TAM-BER) takes elements from the loose definition of the word—which is The Color of Music—and the concept of sound-color synaesthesia—or “seeing” music—to come up with a very special proposition called Visual Audio. Simply put, TIMBRE headphones are all about music-inspired designs—translating audio into a visual form that people can understand and relate to. Being a Filipino brand, TIMBRE knew it was only fitting for them to launch with a distinct Filipino design. For this reason, they collaborated with renowned design studio Team Manila in designing their launch product. The "gitara" headphone was born as an answer to the question “What does Filipino music look like?”. Believing that Filipino music is deeply influenced by the old-school Filipino guitar, the gitara headphone takes inspiration from this classic instrument. One look at the gitara headphone and one will naturally recognize it to be a Filipino product. 

TIMBRE Headphones are currently available at the following retail outlets: Team Manila Lifestyle, The A Shop, Mobile1, Game Stop, CoG (Center of Gravity), Vinyl on Vinyl, The Sole Project, Sunkissed Beach Shack, Fully Booked (High Street), Stoked Inc (Selected Stores), and Urban Athletics. 

IENNE is an emerging local eco-friendly fashion brand, offers green minaudières featuring famous Filipino novels for its first collection. For every ienne minaudière purchased, a tree will be planted in support of the ROAD TO 2020 Campaign by the Haribon Foundation. IENNE minaudières are crafted with a conscience, styled with a soul, and made by hand with love by Filipino artisans. Each minaudière is made with local canvas (silkscreened by hand), recycled cardboard, water lily, and comes wrapped in a IENNE furochic wrap (inspired by Japan’s Furoshiki) made from upcycled fabrics instead of paper bags and plastic bags. Every IENNE minaudière design is produced in exclusively limited quantities of 18 per design. Using Famous Filipino Novels for its first collection and local calligrapher Fozzy- Dayrit-Castro’s calligraphy creations for the book titles, the first IENNE minaudière collection is literally exploding with Filipino Pride and will definitely make you proud. Filipino and proud. 
For more info: Ienne on Facebook

La Playa 
Inspired by the various beaches around the world, including our very own clear blue water and white sand beaches of Boracay, LA PLAYA was born launching it’s first complete line of classic resort wear in 2010 such as basic tunics, kaftans, sarongs and sundresses using light airy and fast drying clothing materials like linens, cottons, mesh, and chiffon all perfect for the tropical climate. Aside from its truly Filipino made clothesline LA PLAYA prides itself likewise to have been the first to market its authentic mother-daughter matching beach and resort wear as well as children’s wear. Now being introduced for the first time to the Philippine fashion market is its 2012-Summer- LA PLAYA ‘ SENORITA’ collection, patterned after our other neighboring Mediterranean countries world renowned coastal beaches. La Playa’s very own fashion designers have ventured to visualize and capture the elements and colors of the ocean, the texture of the corals and rocks and the hues of a beach sunset, in a new and exciting line of fashion wear with a mixture of prints and patterns all sewn to fit the contour and shape of a woman’s body.

LA PLAYA is available at SM department stores (Makati, Megamall, and Mall of Asia) as well as Rustan’s Department Store- Makati and Shangrila Resorts and Spa Boracay. Watch out for LA PLAYA’S exciting expansion plans now being undertaken for its high end line LA PLAYA “ALTA" collections by the end of 2012. 
For more info: La Playa on Multiply


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