Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Basketball Belle

Photos: Damon Baker for ELLE France featuring Ophelie Rupp via Visual Optimism 

Here's a round up of my favorites from ELLE France spread. For years, fashion industry folks are not known for their love of comfortable footwear. The fashion world has been in love with the high heel — the higher the better, the more fashionable. Today, however, with the rise of sport chic trend, everyone in the fashion industry even bloggers are running around wearing sneakers. We are all coveting a more traditional and functional form of sporty lace-ups: the running or basketball shoes. These shoes aren't merely for athletic pursuits these days but they are decidedly for high street fashion, resulting in a trend-centric look that is unabashedly cool. Not to mention these kicks are incredibly comfortable – a nice break from stilettos or flats with far less support and more edge.


  1. Saw this French editorial the other day and thought it was so well done, too.

    x x from NYC

  2. I love the outfit combination and the model's poses too! Awesome! Please also visit my fashion blog:
    Ladies Fashion Trends

  3. Great shooting I'm actually obsessed with this sporty trend about wearing sneakers and running shoes for day to day. Can't wait to get mines :)
    Great blog by the way

  4. i totally see you in this spread, kaye! so cool without even trying. love it.