Sunday, July 3, 2011

'Til we meet again

Plaid and Top, TopshopShorts, Forever21 • Feather earrings, AccessorizeBag, Balenciaga.

Today, I met up with my friends that I haven't seen for a long long time. We hangout at Eastwood City, and we had a great time catching up stories. One of my friend is leaving for Singapore next week for good to work there, we will not see her for awhile so this get-together is also our send off met up before she leaves.

This is what I wore yesterday, the fabric of the top was thin and it's revealing on the side that's why I wore plaid on top just to cover up. I would wear it as it is if I wasn't hanging out on a place with so many people. By the way, I've been obsessing with feather earrings lately, these is just the first of it, I will be wearing the ones I ordered online on the next outfit post.

Have a great weekend! 

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