Thursday, August 18, 2011

Make these available por favor?

Limited edition camera bag for Kipling

Being a photo enthusiast who practically captures everything in the world, specially in my life generally, my DSLR has become my number one accessory as I always always always bring it with me wherever I go. I searched far and wide for a stylish camera bag for ages, something that would match my style perfectly, a very fashionable camera bag to bring around if I may add.

I found this bag months ago thru Andy Torres' blog - StyleScrapbook, she designed the bag in partnership with Kipling and holy guacamole! she did answer my prayer! Unfortunately, this bag is a limited edition and the delivery is only possible to this countries - UK, Spain, Germany, Belguim and Netherlands. Imagine my dismay, it really broke my heart into pieces.

It's notoriously hard to find a camera bag like this here, I've never seen anyone who has this bag. I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get to have one of these. So I'm making a petition, suggestion and a design prospect to all local bag stores out there, please help me make these gorgeous bags available here or design something like this and make me a happy girl? can you? :) I badly need it!

I'm really hoping that this will prompt other bag companies here in the Philippines to start designing camera bag such as these. Ahhh that would make my fashionable world complete!

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