Saturday, September 10, 2011

MANGO F/W 2011 diary

Last wednesday night, I watched Mango's Fall/Winter11 collection styled by Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, Patrick Galang, Myrrh Lao To, Teej Nepomuceno and Anna Canlas. It was held at The Plaza, Resorts World.

That's my tweet right there! and @artsyava's (Hi Ava!)

The event was hosted by the gorgeous and stunning, Bianca Valerio

The opening remarks before the fashion show starts.

Cristina and her sister. Thank you for letting me share table with you pretty girls!

With Vian, Arizia, Pax and Nettie. Thank you Pax for the event pass you gave us! 

My newly found friends- Vian, Arizia and Nettie

Another newly found friend, Cristina

Finally met her personally, Pax of Drowning Equilibriums. Thank you so much for giving me the Mango event pass!

With Ral. Finally met her personally. She's really nice, she even recognized me. (Hi Gorgeous!)




Bloggers- Pax and Aie

Small world for us, Vern is the friend of my sister's friend and I've been visiting her blog, for a while now, glad to finally met her personally (Hi Pretty Vern!)

And that wraps up all the happenings at the MANGO Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion show. It was a great and awesome fashionable night, one of the best event I've been so far. I hope you all like the photos I took from the event and shared with you here.


  1. HI KAYE!! hihi :) lovely photos! what camera do you use?? amazing!

  2. Hi! :) Thank you for the great compliment! I use Canon 60D :)

  3. Hey Kaye!! I love your photos!! :) It was nice meeting you btw!!!! :) :) see you tonight?

  4. omg fashion overload! it must be such a great experience. looks like it that manila is starting to be such a fashionable city. technically, you guys almost dress like how people dress here in europe! so cool :)

  5. Vern! It was nice seeing you last night! you look pretty as always! :)

  6. Evan! I really missed you! I'm following you thru Bloglovin so I'll be updated with your blog posts all the time! I know, Manila is indeed become Fashionable city like Europe! :)

  7. so styling all the ladies in these photos wow! x

  8. Thank you! glad to know that you love the photos :)

  9. @Kristal I do love all the styling too! :)