Thursday, November 24, 2011

Empresario Holiday 2011

Empresario is a marketing event geared towards entrepreneurs of small to medium businesses. Modeled around a trunkshow, Empresario has been redefined and conceptualised to create opportunities for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs in the field of fashion, art and design as they make profitable careers out of their skills and passion. 

Empresario’s objective is to provide SMEs a venue to launch and showcase their business in a way that only large industry player’s get to do so. 

Empresario hosts two major events in the year – A summer trunkshow and a holiday trunkshow. Versus bazaars and expos, Empresario built its model to provide all participating businesses a full marketing package that provides them full exposure pre and post-event through various mediums. Each event is designed to only host a handful of entrepreneurs to ensure that the business involved get the necessary attention and exposure required to increase their sales and grow their business.
For more info, visit: Empresario Manila website
Last November 12, Empresario, the most unique trunk show in the country, held its first holiday fashion event at the Ayala Museum Cafe, where they launched up-and-coming brands- Aziza Collection, Ylla, Erzullie, Bonne, Pazzy Lazarro, Cece Smith and Seven 107.

The Aziza Collection
The Aziza Collection is a mix of fantasy, color, light and a vivid imagination. Young jewelry designer Aziza MondoƱedo creates a collection of unique rings, necklaces and earrings that reflect the vivacity life. Each unique piece is a realization of a dream, built with a rainbow of colors made up of aquamarine, kunzite, tanzanite, topaz, citrine, moonstones, amethyst, sapphires, quartz, cabochon all in various colors. The play of light on textures such turquoise, agate, sandstone and onyx create different dimensions to the stones and a different sparkle each time the light changes. Inspiration transcends time, history. Pieces are reminiscent of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman jewelry that showcase the stone’s bold shapes. Others bear the angular art deco inspired settings of the 1920’s, while others are jaw dropping, rapper worthy bling. The colors, shimmer and shine of everything from a stack of Parisian macaroons to the colors of sunrise on the water lend their hues to the combination of stones.
For more details and info, visit: Aziza Collection website, like The Aziza Collection on Facebook and follow @AzizaCollection on Twitter.

Ylla Shoes designed by Kat Buyoc, is a Filipino brand that offers high quality, stylish and socially responsible footwear using local indigenous materials from various regions of the Philippines. Through the use of indigenous, hand-loomed and upcycled fabrics, Ylla aims to create awareness on the issues concerning our environment, the preservation of our cultural heritage and humanitarian efforts towards making a significant and lasting effect on sustainable development in the Philippines. Each pair of Ylla is designed to highlight the best of Philippine indigenous textiles. Each pair is thoughtfully designed by the Ylla design team and handcrafted by seasoned shoemakers from Marikina.
For more details and info, visit: Ylla website, like Ylla on Facebook and follow @yllashoes on Twitter.

Erzullie is owned and designed by Bernalyn Cueva and and Raisa De Guzman. Erzullie is a high fashion plus size line that caters to female young adult (fashionista) subgroup. It aims to promote the fierce and sexy image of the plus size women to the plus size women by means of fashion. 
For more details and info, visit Erzullie website and like Erzullie on Facebook.

Bonne is a line of custom-made fascinators, pill box hats, headbands, clips, and brooches designed by Bonsai Fojas. The influence of her designs are the Zielfeld girls of the 1920s and unconventional women of the 20th century. The one-of-a-kind hats are mix of colors and assorted materials such as feathers, beads, tulle, lace, felt fabric, french netting, Swarovski crystals and sequins that complement one another.
For more details and info, visit: Bonne website and follow @BonneHeadCandy on Twitter.

Pazzy Navarro 
Designed by Pazzy Navarro, her linefocuses on ready-to-wear clothes and accessories for modern individuals who crave distinct details in fashion, style and function. Drawn from both vintage style and street infuences, the approach is Urban Style and Tough Chic. Whether a dress, bag or ballet flats, each item inspires work and play, for an interesting wardrobe experience. Glamour and individualistic attitude transcend the pieces beyond trends and become personal style staples. 
For more details and info, visit Pazzy Navarro website, like Pazzy Navarro on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Cece Smith 
Designed by Agee Dee, this collection is inspired by the image and ideals of great iconic women. Women of Hip Hop (artists and entrepreneurs), of power (political and sometimes controversial) and of fantasy (Disney princesses). Urban Opulence is also the life celebration that in our rights and ways, we are all entitled to enjoy, experience and share. In a more urban reality, the greatest inspiration for this collection is the everyday woman.
For more details and info, visit: Cece Smith website

Seven 107
Seven107 is a Filipino clothing brand that embodies a tropical lifestyle. Apart from promoting the Philippines and its culture, it aims to provide quality beach, resort and surf apparel, accessories and equipment that are 100% Filipino. The designs of each merchandise aim to reflect the beauty, richness, and uniqueness of the Filipino culture and the Philippines through the eyes of talented Filipino artists. Apart from supporting and promoting the Filipino culture, Seven107 aims to support and promote struggling Filipino artists as well. Behind this brand areJose Llamas, Sophia Atayde and Design Head of the brand, Martin Atayde.
For more details and info, visit: Seven107 website and like Seven 107 on Facebook.

Apart from participating entrepreneurs, Empresario's holiday event also debuted a track from Rivermaya's Jap Sergio and held a silent auction whose proceeds went to needy Filipino artists.

Gorgeous and stunning ladies,Empresario’s Rachel Davis and Rosana Guidotti. Thank you for inviting me!
This event was supported by Ensogo, Digitank, Rogue Magazine, Love4Fashion, Bond and Mcafe.


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