Sunday, November 27, 2011

Primadonna launch

The fabulously chic design of the ballroom: Prototype of a Primadonna store and life-size Primadonna shoes, both delighted all guest on their interactive window shopping and photo-op

Last November 24, Philippine-based footwear brand, Primadonna, celebrates the relaunch of its newest collection through a fashion show styled by 12 well-known fashion bloggers and revealed their new endorser, Anne Curtis.

The host of the event, the gorgeous queen of all beckies, Ms. Divine Lee and 
the Managing Director of Primadonna, the beautiful, Ms. Denise Reyes

Armed with a brand new vision, Primadonna set foot on a brand new vision in footwear fashion, which is to bring out the inner stylista among us. With a unique selection of trendy designs, Primadonna speaks to a variety of personalities, bringing to life the brand’s philosophy “Different Shoe for a Different You”. Primadonna gives everyone a chance to express the different part of their personalities through the variety of shoe style they offer. Certainly there's a pair for every type of girl!

Styled by: Kookie Buhain, Tin Iglesias and Sarah Tirona
Styled by: Ava Te, Cheyser Pedregosa and Vern Enciso
Styled by: JL Ladrido, Lissa Kahayon and Nina Estacio
Styled by: Aisa Ipac, Bestie Konisis and Lloyda Lim

Primadonna's Holiday collection perfectly shows both form and function. Whether it's fierce or feminine, sexy or boyish, Primadonna have the right pair to create that whole new style statement. Take your pick from four fabulous looks: edgy footwear to bring out your inner rock star, sassy styles to boost up your girly side, sexy pieces to ooze your appeal and androgynous looks that exudes masculine and feminine.

The new face of Primadonna, Anne Curtis. A true embodiment of a Primadonna girl (in a really great way), shares her passion for fashionable footwear.

Sequined top, Forever 21 • Leather pleated skirt, Shop Incez Axe • Boots, Soule Phenomenon

With their fab new collection, exciting campaign, and an endorser that is a certified-shoe lover, Primadonna is definitely set to strut the pavements of fashion. Discover and explore every side of your own shoe with a pair that truly defines your taste and style! There is sure to be a different shoe, for a different you!

Stay updated on the latest looks from Primadonna by: logging on to Primadonna website, Liking Primadonna Shoes Official Facebook page and following @primadonnaPH on Twitter.


  1. I love primadonna too! But sadly, the shoes in their cgayan de oro branch is somewhat old stocks ://

    ps:I love what you wore! the top and that pleated skirt! just so perfect <3


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  3. I love what you wore! This looks like it was so much fun :)

  4. Looks like a super cool event! I love that the presenter was already wearing Versace x H&M!

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  9. kaye, you have awesome photos. I wonder what type of lens you use :) is your camera nikon too?

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  10. look like a wonderful event! i love primadonna so this was such an awesome post to come across :)

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