Thursday, December 29, 2011

Discover and Experience the katsu craze at YABU

Japanese food is one of my favorite cuisine. I love it so much that I have tried all Japanese restaurants there is here in the city. Last month (at exactly 11-11-11) a new Japanese restaurant opened. I've always wanted to try out Yabu ever since I've heard great raves about it from other bloggers and people who've already tried it. Fortunately, a few days ago I was invited by Connect Agency to try-out Yabu and I immediately said yes! So, I went there last tuesday to have a group dinner date with my fellow blogger friends.

Yabu: House of Katsu is well-known for their authentic Japanese katsu. This newly opened one-of-a-kind Japanese restaurant is owned by Mr. John Marie Concepcion, father of Mike Concepcion (owner of greater good). The etymology of the word "Yabu" comes from the word "Ya" which means eight and "Bu" which means two so, combining those two words "Yabu" means the perfect ten.

Once you step right thru Yabu you will definitely be wow-ed with the classy and modern Japanese interiors, as well as be enticed with the cozy ambiance that will really make you feel relaxed. The Japanese themed interiors such as the Manga-inspired comic strips on the left side of the wall, the wooden panels on the other side, the cubed ones that are made from wooden masu cups (what the Japanese use in drinking sake) and the sake display are just exquisite!

Like what I've mentioned earlier, Yabu is well known for the authentic Japanese katsu and on their menu you will be delighted to discover that they have variety of katsu dishes. Notice the condiments on the table, they're the special spices and sauces to enhance your taste buds. The two big bottles are the dressings (sesame and vinaigrette sauce) that you add to your cabbage salad which by the way, is unlimited serving! The other bottles contains the special katsu sauce, special pink salt, chili powder and garlic powder for more flavor to your katsu.

Now let's go on to the best part, Food! While waiting for our main dish, we were first served with appetizers- cold silken tofu cubes, green soybeans, seaweed and potato salad. I like how light and healthy the appetizers are! It will surely boost up your appetite. Then, we were served with special sesame seeds, this is the part where you prepare your own katsu sauce/dip which is a brilliant idea I must say. All you have to do is follow the four simple step: grind-pour-mix-dip. Grind the sesame seed in a gentle circular motion, pour on the katsu sauce on grinded sesame seeds, mix it and there you have it! your sauce/dip is prepared! The sauce is tangy, just a perfect taste to combine with your katsu. After I finished preparing my katsu sauce/dip, they served our meal just on time. Since I'm vegetarian, they have prepared a special vegetarian katsu set for me (special because they don't have this dish on the menu) and Pau who was with me had Kurobuta tonkatsu set (which is their best seller). We both love our katsu set, it's so delicious, so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The katsu is cooked to perfection. After the sumptuous meal they served us dessert, choco lava ala mode. The warm chocolate cake is so moist topped with a creamy vanilla ice cream. It also tasted great!

If you want an awesome dining experience, Yabu is the best to be! This is a great venue to bond with your family and catch up with friends. You will definitely have a wonderful experience at Yabu, the restaurant looks exquisite, the food taste great and the crew is very friendly and accommodating.

Big thanks to all the Yabu crew, Mr. Mon Tecson and Ms. Chris for the warm welcome.
And, my deepest gratitude to Connect Agency for this great opportunity!

Be sure to try out Yabu located at the 2nd level of SM Megamall Atrium.
Discover and experience the katsu craze every one is craving and raving about! 
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This is a sponsored post by Yabu. 


  1. i spot almost everyone from our BBM group! hahah. i can't wait to try this place, you guys are all blogging about it! everything looks yummy, babe!:)


  2. Love the deco and the look of the meals - this is making me hungry!

    x Marcella

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